Why lease the solar equipment?

With leasing, you are able to keep your cash or bank lines open for other purposes, and not tied it up in equipment.

A common misconception is that leasing is only for businesses on a tight budget. Leasing can be an attractive choice for businesses of all financial dispositions. We have many cash rich clients that prefer to lease their equipment. Leasing keeps their cash available to preserve working capital, pursue other revenue generating opportunities such as expansion and acquisition, and expenses such as payroll and marketing.

Go solar now, not later.

Leasing your Blue Green Ltd. solar system can be a way to get the installation now, rather than having to wait for the next capital budget cycle.  A low, monthly fixed cost will also make it possible for you and your team to receive internal approval for a Blue Green Solar system.. Leasing may also qualify as an operating expense instead of a lump sum capital expense, which may provide you with tax benefits.

It’s easy and convenient to get the equipment you need. Unlike a bank line or traditional loan, a lease is only secured against the asset – making the entire process quicker and easier than going through the ordeal of acquiring bank financing.  As well, financial institutions will have a “limit” on the amount they will fund for any particular client – so it may be better to spread your financing to other sources to maximize your borrowing power.

Banks can be very conservative and we have seen many examples where a bank declined a loan for our systems, but the lease was approved.