Sustainable Power

Harvest the Sun

Living in the BC Interior, there are two things we respect: nature and independence.

Harvesting the power of the sun provides a clean and renewable source of electricity that reduces your dependence on fossil fuels and enhances your ability to live wherever you want, however you want.

Modern Necessities

Even if you’re living off-grid,  you still need to be able to look after necessities like cooking, lighting, entertainment and power tools.  Solar power is the cleanest and quietest way to provide the electricity you need to live comfortably year-round. Modern systems allow you to be as plugged-in and connected as you want.

See the light. Even in the rain.

Modern battery technology has made weather less of a factor.  Our power storage systems are capable of running your household entirely off battery power for up to 3 days without a single beam of sunlight.

A choice you can feel good about
now and in the future

With rising energy costs, a Blue Green Energy System will pay for itself within 5 years and is backed by a 10-year Warranty.