Technical Considerations

Current and Future Needs

We encourage our clients to utilize ground mount arrays for the following:

For information on Government  of Canada incentives like the $5000 Greener Home Grant and the $40,000 interest free loan, follow this link.
We can recommend an Energy Adviser upon request.

Grid Tied or Grid Interactive Solar Systems 

Feed surplus energy to the grid for energy credits. Read more information on this return on your investment.

Off Grid

We love off grid solar in Northern British Columbia. 20 kW’s of self heating lithium batteries will provide hot water, an electric oven, a well pump, washer/ dryer and all single phase power tools without disruption.

Technology is Getting Smarter

Industry, modern homes and cottages must be dependable and sustainable. Given the trend toward zero-emissions and future transportation needs ,our need for self-sufficient electricity generation is on the rise.

Get the Lead Out

Blue Green Solar Ltd. encourages  lithium battery storage, which delivers maximum performance over a longer lifespan.

For more information on these systems, click here.

Accessible Power

Solar panel technology has advanced exponentially. In Northern BC, a 180 degree south facing property with a 10kW vertical-ground-mounted array, should provide the average BC  homeowner, with a positive credit.