Technical Considerations

Current and Future Needs

The most important factor in building your solar system is determining whether or not the available light on your property will be able to meet your power requirements.

 BC Hydro’s charge for the upgrade to a 200 amp service. is approx. $1350.00.

A 4.36 kW system generates 15 – 21 kWh every sunny day!

Technology is Getting Smarter

Industry, modern homes and cottages must be dependable and sustainable. Given the trend toward zero-emissions and future transportation needs, not to mention the increased use of smart technologies that will impact appliances, our need for self-sufficient electricity generation is on the rise.

Get the Lead Out

Blue Green Solar Ltd. encourages  lithium battery storage, which delivers maximum performance over a longer lifespan (and far fewer toxins) than lead-based battery systems.

For more information on these systems, click here.

Accessible Power

Solar panel technology has advanced exponentially.  All you need is a bit of southern-facing open space on your property and a brush to clear the snow (from time to time).